Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calligraphy Archive - Ukiyoe and Dec. lesson

I'm saving these two examples of my classwork of brushwriting because come April, I will change to Pen Shuji. I belong to ShoSui Shodokai and we meet every Tues. & Thurs at 12:30-3:00. Since I am also studying Kanji at Sakura Gakuen, the Pen Shuji fits with the Kanji class. More later as I am going to try to upload the Dec. assignment.

意味: 山や谷あいに永く陽が当たっている

So the meaning of the latest is something like this:
Between the mountains and the valley, the sun has been striking for a long time.

Wed. evening: I finally broke down & got a camera. This time it has an optical zoom instead of a digital one. I will be able to capture the grandkids as they cross the line in track meets and also get the judo holds as they win a match. Not only that the camera can do a burst of pictures so that when they catch a ball or football, I'll be sure to catch it on the camera.
This afternoon I finished trying on summer clothes & deciding what to take to Hawaii. I'm all but packed up. Wish me luck in capturing pictures of whales as they pass through the bay in front of Maalea.

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