Friday, January 29, 2010

Comentario de reuniones

Today has been filled with reunions both of friends and of family. More poignant because friends of our elementary school years are our same age and also because some of our family are going through a rough, rough patch health- wise. You know each one of us has opinions and such about how friends and family should be handling each of their problems but we ourselves are personally not going through each of these crisises so we should just keep our silence. To amend that, we are going through it second hand which is not the same. Sorry to sound confusing but suffering second hand is not the same as first hand.
Still have not found my camera but today a friend offered her camera to us for the trip we are going to take to visit friends in Hawaii in Feb. I sure appreciate that because I hope to record the visit with photographs. Still cannot believe that I lost my camera.
Tonight one of the dishes we shared with friends was a recipe from Bitten of the New York Times,Beets With Garlic-Walnut Sauce, It was a fine accompaniment to Exclusively Food's Prawn and Tomato Pasta Recipe.
Well, enough for tonight. The delicious red wine is wearing me down. Thank heavens that I printed up Bitten's Beet recipe because I can't find the link now. Anyone interested write me and I'll copy it out.
Bueno, el vino me hace querer contar mucho. La emoción me conmueve decir demasiado. El sufrimiento de otros es difícil de aguantar. Siempre les deseo que les vaya bien.

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