Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kobe Cream

Wish I could claim this lovely bun filled with a cream filling but it comes from a new bakery called Mahoroba. Some of the offerings in this bakery make you think you are back in Japan.
My grandkids think it is a taste of home. As it was my turn to bring a goody to my calligraphy class, I remembered having a Kobe Cream that was so special. I think the owners of this bakery have one in Kobe. Sacramento is living big!

読み方:秋夜運筆の時 (しゅうやうんびつのとき)

Fall nights, the time for writing. (My interpretation)

Much work is still needed on this assignment. The style is called sousho 草書(そうしょ)or grass style (of Japanese calligraphy). Sensei always corrects with this color ink. I'm lucky to not have more marks.


  1. I agree. Fall nights are for writing.


  2. Gunnar: I look forward to reading some of your writing.

    Anonymous: It is!

  3. very nice work... i practice sumi-e ... and think your work superb... !

  4. abarefootboy: practicing shodo is meditation. Maybe you find sumi-e the same.