Wednesday, September 30, 2009

knitted project-don't let the picture scare you.

It's a great windy day - weather has dropped by almost 20 degrees- great for wearing a sweater that I just completed. The yarn for this sweater is bamboo and I thought it would be great for summer wear, what with all the lacy, open features of the knit. Turns out it is feel good yarn but very heavy and warm. Surprised me. So I will wear a cotton knit shirt under it in the spring & autumm. My knitting compadres at Rumpelstiltskin had many ideas on how to wear it.
Also had another computer class today and I'm learning another way to watermark the photos. Really a short cut from the first way I did it. But I haven't quite mastered it - so next week I'll go in with a lot more questions.
Now I'm picking up a long sleeve wool sweater I quit working on when summer hit. Only have the sleeves to finish. Piece of cake!


  1. Diana-san,

    Sumimasen. Kono konpyutaa ni (or is it de?) nihongo ga dekimasen. Seetaa wa sugoi desu!


  2. アンドレアさん、
    ありがとう。 きのうビってんのブログーのレシピを作りました。サツムイモのサラダ。おいしかったです。