Saturday, January 12, 2013

Last year's persimmon crop

Gone but not forgotten!
We had an incredible persimmon crop this year and got to share bags and bags with neighbors and friends.  Since our persimmons have multiple seeds, it was too much of a task to dry them. I like to peel the fruit, and slice them horizontally a gigantic effort what with the many seeds of ours. The year I dried the fruit, I was drying our neighbor's persimmons.  While they have the flat bottomed fairly seedless Fuyu, this year they had a short crop.
Not to worry, I froze persimmon pulp and have enough to occasionally bake persimmon date-nut bars.
Signing off from Albuquerque, New Mexico 



  1. Seeds or not, this makes me a wee bit jealous. :) I love them in salads. Have you made jam with the frozen pulp?

    1. No, in the past I made persimmon chutney but these days I make persimmon date-nut bars with a lemon or lime glaze. My favorite dessert!