Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring time in Sacramento

GREETING FRIENDS! I Have been working on winter vegetables for months. You can just about see the collard greens going to flower in the earth boxes. The snow peas are yielding a nice batch every day for snacking. Sometimes they never make the house. The arrugula started going to flower weeks ago but I can still get a few leaves for sandwiches. I picked the last of the red chard yesterday and put it in a vegetable soup. We got the olive trees manicured like cousins of ours did to their trees. We also pulled up the evergreens and put in casks for vegetables. Makes gardening more manageable.

Today I took a short walk today to the library and the post office. It is cherry blossom time and the trees are beautiful! The weather has turned cold and rain is in the offing so any plans for a picnic under the trees was canceled.
As I walked home from the P.O. I saw this painting on the curb stone. Most of us just have our address painted on the curb but this family was very original. I'm thinking of asking the artist in our family to work something up for us.


  1. Hi Diana,
    Your front garden looks lovely. All I have now at the front of my house is a small patch of lawn and a planter box with a few shrubs in it. Oh well, I need a project to work on in Wellington. The cherry blossoms in your photos are beautiful, they remind me of spring in Te Awamutu. Enjoy the rest of spring time in Sacramento.

    1. Thanks for writing Carolyn. You know you are the reason I posted pictures and got back into writing. Thanks for the inspiration. I have loved your blog.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Happy spring!

  3. Replies
    1. The park is connected to Belle Cooledge Public Library on South Land Park Drive and Seamas Ave. (Fruitridge Blvd.) I've walked by the trees recently and the blossoms are not out. I'll check again today.

  4. Thanks for this post, I was looking for a local spot for 'Hanami' and this park was perfect. Picked up bento lunches at Oto's Marketplace and brought the wife & kids to spend the morning here. Good times!

  5. Great Shane! Not only Hanami but Bento from Oto's, Oishii desu!