Saturday, November 27, 2010

Persimmons 2010

It's persimmon time again and we had a wealth of persimmons this year. Last year I dried our neighbor's persimmons but this year she had none and we were loaded. Both of us have the Fuyu variety but she has the small, flat bottomed ones that are my favorite. I have dried about four batches of them and will put on another as soon as I finish this posting. When my fuyus get soft, I make date-nut persimmon bars with lemon frosting to give as presents or take to a potluck. When I run out of time or energy I try to give the rest away. Neighbors don't walk by our house at persimmon time because I'm known to put sacks into their arms after a chat. One year I used the kid's wagon loaded up with persimmons & then walked the neighborhood. How to win friends, right?

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  1. ok... so with all of your kind help... i finally got dehydrating my persimmons figured out.. by any chance did you share your persimmon bars recipe...and i missed it??? if so... would you be willing to share it again?? my neighbor is willing to bake.. and i am willing to taste!!! ~Happy 2011!!! ~pam